Behind The Great Music

Yad lagal ga - Sairat

14 May 2016 Sairat Marathi Songs Folk music Western Symphony

The best thing about this song is anybody in the world can listen to this and can resonate with it. This song has western instruments - harp, trumpet, drums, flute, violins / strings. People from any part of the world can resonate with the same feeling that emerges from this song. The song has Marathi Touch, it has Marathi Folk tune but western instruments played in this song are not making it irrelevant. The lyrics, video, situation, and western music with Marathi Folk style blends with this song. The Rhythm, Symphony, Tune and Marathi folk singing and style of playing instruments with Bollywood / Indian grace, all these things make this song great!

Bewajah song - Coke Studio version

15 Apr 2016 Coke Studio

A classical melodious gazal based on raag Tilak kamod. Sung by Nabeel Shaukat Ali (winner of reality show Sur Kshetra).

Tarun ahe ratra ajuni

05 Mar 2016 Classic songs Ghazals Old songs Regional Songs

A marathi ghazal that I listen to at night, sometimes on repeat
This song is meant to be heard after sunset – is what I feel, but this is not a rule.

Jiya Jale from Dil se

26 Jan 2016 Classic songs Middle hits

Jiya Jale song has some beautiful wildness that comes from one and only A R Rehman. Right from the start of the song till the end, it gives you that who oooosh! sensation as if you’re walking through the sand on a moonlit beach.

Awarapan Banjarapan

23 Jan 2016 Middle hits

This song was composed by MM Kareem. The music in this song is having very unique beats, which reflects a person’s situation in pain. Seems like the music is made for this lyrics and this situation. KK's Version..

Hazaaron Khwahishein Aisi

28 Nov 2015 Ghazals

The poet of this ghazal is Mirza Ghalib, who is known for his great literature (poems). He has big name in Urdu Poetry. This version.. Read more

The Greatness of Lata’s Man Mohna Song

11 Oct 2015 Classic songs

Sonu Nigam explaining Lata's great song Man Mohna song, which was recorded in one take.. and which is very difficult song to sing..

Jagjeet Singh Special – Ahista Ahista

19 Sep 2015 Ghazals

Jagjeet Singh is a singer and composer of this Ghazal. Jagjeet Singh thought about today’s generation while composing this song. He knew that people want to listen to the good sound (Quality of sound in song), also they don’t want to listen to old instruments playing in the song. So he created this ghazal in the year 2005 - simplified version of ghazals which any guy can hear and get a piece of mind from.......

Tum Tak from Raanjhanaa – A. R. Rehman

15 Sep 2015 Folk songs

This song sounds more like bhajan, its a spiritual bhajan. A. R. Rehman has created many spiritual songs with Javed Ali such as "Arjiyaan Sari - Delhi 6", "Kun Fayakun - Rockstar". This song is also well suited for Javed Ali's voice.

Kheriyaan De Naal

29 Aug 2015 Folk songs

This song is about a girl who does not want to marry other guy who lives Khed. She loves Ranjhaa who lives in her village. Her parents are trying to fix her marriage with a guy who lives in other village (Khed). That’s when she tells her parents that she doesn’t want to marry Kheriyaan (guy from Khed), she loves Ranjhaa. This song is about that situation. The music composer of this song, made it very melodious. It sounds like the Kesariyaan Baalam song. There are many versions of this song, but I like Shafqat Amanat Ali’s version #3 the most.

Top 15 songs composed in 7 beats

28 Jun 2015 Classic songs Ghazals Old songs

While most of our Indian songs are in 16 bits, I personally like 7 beats songs. I present here some of my favourite songs that are composed in 7 beats. In classical music Roopak Taal has 7 beats, it’s played on tabla and counted as 123 – 12 – 12.

Top 5 Kannada songs of Sonu Nigam

24 May 2015 Regional Songs

Many of you might not know that Sonu Nigam has sung many songs in Kannada language and is often requested to sing his hit Kannada songs in his concerts. Sonu Nigam is kind of big hit in Kannada Music.

Top 23 love songs you heard in 90’s

25 Apr 2015 Middle hits

Music doesn’t always have to be complex to create a great love song. Sometimes you just need melody that suits the song’s lyrics and situation.
So behind these easy listening songs, is the melodious music, natural instruments and it’s Simplicity!

Kesariyaan Balam Classical Song

12 Apr 2015 Classical songs

In this part of the article, I am trying to give an idea of classical music and raaga which is used in the classical song “Kesariyaan Balam”. There are many versions of this song, sung by the Great Legends Lata Mangeshkar and Mehdi Hasan in those days. Lata Mangeshkar has sung this song in the movie “Lekin” composed by her brother Hridaynath Mangeshkar. Mehdi Hasan has sung this song in many of his live concerts, he used to do classical concerts and then for people he composed ghazals in which he turned the classical raaga into simpler song to make it feel like “easy listening”.

Ehsaan Tera Hoga Mujh Par

07 Feb 2015 Classic songs Old songs

It’s absolutely world class music. No wonder it was at the top position in the Binaca Geetmala (1962) loved by millions of Indians. This Radio program had 9,00,000 – 2,000,000 listeners.

Main Tenu Samjhava Ki Song

20 Jan 2015 Middle hits

One day I was heading to the office and I was listening to the Radio. I heard this Punjabi song with a great tune and that made my day. This was Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song Main Tenu Samjhava Ki. I liked that song so much that I shared that song with my friends in the office, on the day I heard it for the first time, 4 years ago. Now there are 3 versions of this song.

Ae Dil-e-naadan – Lata Mangeshkar

20 Jan 2015 Classic songs Old songs

Lata Mangeshkar

Din dhal jaye – Guide

25 Dec 2014 Classic songs Old songs

There are some classic songs, we call them masterpiece. This song is one of them.

Hello World!

21 May 2014 Uncategorized

Hello Guys,

You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

03 May 2014 English songs

This is a perfect example of Soft Rock, my favorite genre in English songs. The music is nice and pleasing to ears. James Blunt recorded the songs in 2003 and named his album “Back to Bedlam”.  This song was released in 2004 and it was his break-out hit. Over 11 million copies of this album were sold worldwide and the Guinness Book of World Records noted it for the fastest selling album in one year. It was a big hit song in UK, Australia and US.

Ranjish hi sahi – Mehdi Hasan

13 Apr 2014 Ghazals

This is for the one who looks for a meaningful song. If you are a fan of ghazals and if you haven’t heard it you should probably not wait any second to hear it. This is very old one but the words and feel is good.

Saathiya by Sonu Nigam

06 Apr 2014 Middle hits

So many good memories I have of this song. I remember I was in the 9th standard when this Saathiya Movie was released. It was a really nice time. I guess everybody likes the school time and these songs remind a small child in us, the best time we had. You can’t get the time back in your life but you can be happy remembering those moments. In my case, this song does it for me.

The evergreen song of Lata Mangeshkar

09 Mar 2014 Classic songs

There are number of great songs Lata Mangeshkar has sung.. picking up my favorite one today.

Legendary song – Ye dil tum bin kahi lagta nahi – Lata Mangeshkar and M. Rafi

23 Feb 2014 Classic songs

Its the romantic duet song. The great thing about this song is its simplicity. Its delightful and very pleasing.