Koi Fariyad is meaningful ghazal composed by Nikhil & Vinay. This song plays at different intervals in the movie in parts and Tum Bin’s basic storyline revolves around this. In the movie you won’t hear full song in one shot.. they have made really good use of this song in the movie by playing it at important moments.


I liked this movie so much that I purchased this movie’s Original CD about 10 years back. What I really about this movie apart from it’s songs, is the story. There is No villain in this movie, nobody is bad, hero who is so good hearted that he helps out the family of a guy he killed mistakenly in road accident, even the police officer is nice.. What an ideal world!

Tum Bin was released in the year 2001. This was purely musical. It had 12 songs and 4 music directors but Nikhil & Vinay being the 2 main composers for this film.

I admire Nikhil & Vinay because of their unique music pieces you won’t hear in others music.
The violin music piece – I haven’t heard in any song yet. That’s unique and to create such music requires great talent. How instruments can be used to create the emotion, can be learned from this violin piece.


An unfortunate road accident kills a guy by the main character’s (Shekhar’s) car, whom he just met in party. After death of this guy, who had a family, little sister, a fiancée Pia who runs his company, Shekhar tries everything to help, make it up to the guy’s family and fiancée in Canada.. he does all kinds of sacrifices to make it up to them.

This song is about reading the mind of dead guy’s fiancee, off the saddened face who is just sad all the time because of Shekhar’s car accident and who has lost very important thing in her life.


This song is basically a ghazal with 4 stanza. The ghazal singer Jagjeet Singh has sung this song. It has low notes and high notes too.. but it suits only Jagjeet’s voice as it’s his genre.

Try hearing this song in anybody else’s voice – you won’t like it.

That’s why I believe the recreation of Koi fariyad “failed” in it’s Sequel – Tum Bin 2. (Read comments on youtube song to find out what a large chunk of people are thinking of that)

Getting back to the music, this song has unique beats, and violin piece that you won’t be able to hear in any song. That speaks the emotion. It feels very real.

I have been fan of this song since my school days. So after a long time I chose something nice to write about. 🙂
Feel free to let me know your thoughts on this song.