Many people face copyright strikes due to the music they use in their videos on youtube or other places. We have a list of audio music that you can use without worrying about the copyright issues.

Here is the list of audio music you can download and use for any kind of videos. Music for all kinds of moods and genres.

#1 Chill Music

So you’re working in a cafe, or sitting at home in the morning, having breakfast, and just reading a newspaper or book. This music will give you peace of mind and set the mood for work. No noise, just a cool and chill music.

#2 Upbeat Music Instrumental

If you want some upbeat music, a sudden mood change and enjoy some grooving music here it is..

#3 Study Music

When you want some time to focus and concentrate on reading, or studying something, here is the song that will make it easy for you.

#4 Lofi Cool Music

There is a new trend going on with lofi music creation, this is a cool version of that. However, it is just an instrumental music.

#5 Morning Cool Music

Another morning music with some lofi beats, who wants to do breakfast with this playing in the background? 😉 Happy Morning!

#6 Tropical music

When you want to enjoy some vacation time, and use this music in the background. You can use this for your travelling vlogs as background music.

#7 Some more music that will keep you going

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