Bewajah by Nabeel


A classical melodious gazal based on raag Tilak kamod.
Sung by Nabeel Shaukat Ali (winner of reality show Sur Kshetra).

This song is 6 minutes of pure pleasure.
The lyrics, the musical arrangement and the ambience created (especially in the coke studio version) everything is splendid! But Nabeel’s certainly the cynosure of the redention, who has sung this song with so much love that it reflects in his voice. His expressions so genuine one can feel.. the longing for the beloved!

The Meaning

This song basically captures the feel of all the lovers who are trying to forget the one they loved.. The lyrical simplicity penned down by Babar Hashmi subtly makes emotional but somehow puts you into a better mood.

This is why I like Coke Studio!

We all know Coke Studio is famous for fusing classical melodies with pop music which generates a temporary state of euphoria for the listeners. so this song is a “Must Listen” for all the classical music lovers out there with a pinch of modernisation.

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