There are some classic songs, we call them masterpiece. This song is one of them.

This song is from the movie Guide. The actors Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman are in lead role in this film. The lyricist of this song Hasarat Jaipuri quit and didn’t want to continue to write songs for the film. There was a small problem when Hasarat Jaipuri wrote the first line “Din dhal jaye”. Both Dev Anand and the director did not like this line and they asked lyricist to remove this line. Hasarat Jaipuri got offended by this. He refused to remove the line and he chose to quit instead.

After this Dev Anand went to Shailendra and asked him to write songs for his movie. Shailendra was their second choice which he didn’t like. But he settled for huge money that Dev Anand offered.

This is irony that the first line which Dev Anand and Director wanted to take down, the lyricist Shailendra continued the song, keeping same as first line. And it turned out Great song!

I can say the idea and thoughts were initiated by Hasarat by just one line, which Shailendra continued to make a song for lifetime.

The music for this film is given by S. D. Burman. S. D. Burman was sick when Dev Anand approach him for the background score and the music. Dev Anand waited for his favourite music director to get well and work on it instead of going to some other music director for his film. So if Dev Anand wouldn’t have waited for S.D. Burman, the songs would have been different. And the story would have been different.

The song is beautifully sung by M. Rafi. Everything in this song is meaningful and according to the situation. The music director, singer and lyricist and even cinematography is nicely done on the situation. It came out in the year of 1965. It was an era when musicians were doing justice to situation and lyrics of the song. And directors, actors used to portray the real and natural act.

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That’s all from my side, if you know more about this song or movie or anything related to this, please share it here through comments.

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