Which one is the best piano composition you asked?

IMHO, It’s Chopin Etude Op. 25 No. 11.

Winter Wind


Chopin Winter Wind Sheet Music

This is answer to the question: What is the music piece that defines the situation of falling from the sky and going down and down.. and down.. Because certainly, if you hear this, you will think that something is falling from the sky. So much powerful that you experience falling from the top of a mountain.

This is very hard to play for pianists. I think this is a very good piece to play and showcase your talent in front of the world.

For some reason I like the pace it takes after the first music piece is played slow. Immediately after the pace picks up, it feels like something is falling down…

Can you play this? Please let us know in the comments with your recording. We’d like to feature it on the site if it is really good. 😉

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