• Album: Sajda
  • Singers: Jagjit Singh & Lata Mangeshkar
  • Lyricist: Shahid Kabir
  • Music Director: Jagjit Singh
  • Release date: 1991

This is very nice ghazal song by Jagjeet Singh. The music of this ghazal and the tune is absolute gem like diamond.

The lyrics is so good, such a positive message in this, it says “gham ka khazana tera bhi hai, mera bhi”, meaning the sorrow or any bad time that someone goes at present, it will be for others too. Even in friends one guy can have sorrows, at same time other friend will have sorrows. It is same situation for both. But use that sorrow or pain and live life with it sportingly, is the message that we get from song.

The video of this song is also nice with a great story line. The friends who meet after very long time and then shows the flashbacks that reveals the story. Love the fact that they put a lot of thoughts and emotions into this video.

Also such a beautiful actress shown in this video.

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