In Maharashtra, most of the Marathi people have a Bhakti Geet playlist that they like to hear first thing in the morning, it is a devotional songs that are for worshiping and praising all the gods and goddesses in the Hindu religion.

Here we are listing some beautiful compositions of devotional songs in Marathi language.

#1 Tuj Magato Me Aata

This is a devotional song for the Lord Ganesh. There is a line in this that says, “maj dyave ekdanta”. Here “ekdanta” is one of the names of Lord Ganesha. It is very beautiful devotional song like a morning bhajan. You will hear this often in the festival of Ganesha.

#2 Sundar Te Dhyan

This is another beautiful song with a slow paced bhajan music of Lord Vitthal aka Vithoba, with a very nice use of violins, percussions in this song, made it very divine. When the music starts, you will feel like you are in a Mandir, Deool (Temple). The whole song is just describing how the Lord Vitthal murti is decorated. Such a divine feeling.

This devotional bhajan is written by Sant Tukaram Maharaj who worships vishnu avatar Lord Vitthal and people here considers him JagadGuru (Guru of the universe).

This is the tallest Vitthal murti in Pandharpur and whatever is described in the song like Ubhe Veetevari (Standing on a brick), Makar Kundle (fish earrings), etc. is shown in this.

Vithal aka Vithoba is another Avatar of Lord Vishnu who is considered as a preserver of this Universe. So all avatars, of Vishnu come to the rescue when the injustice happens.

You must have heard of Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh the three lords who are responsible for the creation of this universe. These are the roles of the three lords in the universe. Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Mahesh or Shiva the destroyer

This list will be updated frequently..

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