Jagjeet Singh is a singer and composer of this Ghazal.

Sarakti Jaye Hai.. Rukh se naqab.. Ahista Ahista..


Jagjeet Singh thought about today’s generation while composing this song. He knew that people want to listen to the good sound (Quality of sound in song), also they don’t want to listen to old instruments playing in the song. So he created this ghazal in the year 2005 – simplified version of ghazals which any guy can hear and get a piece of mind from.

The Ghazal singers are like Classical singers. People don’t get / understand hard ghazals which have too many classical things going on in it, so Pakistani Ghazal Singer – Ustad Mehdi Hasan created light music in Ghazals so people can listen to it just like other easy listening songs and singers can also sing it easily. Mehdi Hasan was Jagjeet Singh’s favourite ghazal singer. Maybe that is why he has followed Mehdi Hasan’s path and went on creating easy listening ghazals. You must have heard songs from Arth Movie – 1982, such as “Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar”, “Koi Yeh Kaise Bataye”, “Tere Khushboo Mein Base Khat”, “Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho”. That’s GOLD!

Live Concerts:

There are many recordings of this song which Jagjeet Singh has sung in live concerts. I like this very much:

This has different variations and tempo, must hear:

What’s behind this great song:

  • This song was basically a poem by Ameer Meenai. Nice words and lyrics – like “cherry on top”. You can find all his poems here:
  • Jagjeet Singh’s great composition which is new style of Ghazal music, different face of Ghazal which is more simplified and happy as well as in the format of typical ghazal.
  • Jagjeet Singh’s awesome singing and variations in this song.


There is best translated lyrics here:

Sarakatii jaaye hai ruKh se naqaab.. ahista ahista
nikalataa aa rahaa hai aaftaab.. ahista ahista..

Jawaan hone lage jab vo to ham se kar liyaa pardaa
hayaa yakalaKht aayii aur shabaab.. ahista ahista..

Shabefurkat kaa jaagaa hun farishton ab to sone do
kabhii fursat men kar lenaa hisaab.. ahista ahista..

Savaalevasl par unako uduu kaa Khauf hai itanaa
vo honThon se dete hain javaab.. aahista aahista..

Hamaare aur tumhaare pyar men bas fark hai itanaa
idhar to jaldii jaldii hai udhar.. aahistaa aahistaa..

Vo bedardii se sar kaaTe “ameer” aur main kahun un se
huzuur aahistaa aahistaa, janaab.. ahista ahista..

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