Its the romantic duet song. The great thing about this song is its simplicity. Its delightful and very pleasing.

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In those days, all singers used to record songs in one take. There were no retakes or mixing of music pieces after recording. So singers had to give their 100% in one single shot. If you listen to this song, you will know how clear and perfect their notes are. Perfect at every single line.

This song starts with Lata Mangeshkar’s voice. And then you may think that the singing battle has begun between these 2 singers. But soon you realise that nobody dominates. They both sing in their own style and yet nobody seems less than each other.

“Tum hi keh do.. ab ae jaan-e-ada.. hum kya kare..” there are so many variations of this line by Lata Mangeshkar and also what M. Rafi has sung, is different and sounds so good.

The song describes the “early days of love” situation. The music is so nice and justifying the words in this song. Its exactly what one could imagine by reading the lines. It just can’t get any better. 🙂

mohabbat kar to le lekin, mohabbat ras aaye bhi
dilo ko bojh lagte hai kabhi julfo ke saye bhi
hajaro gam hai is dunia me apne bhi paraye bhi
mohabbat hi ka gam tanha nahi, ham kya kare
tum hi kah do ab aaye jane ada ham kya kare
ye dil tum bin kahi lagta nahi, ham kya kare

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  1. Nice observations Pradeep!!

    I tried to get this song from you via, Bluetooth, data cable, Skype, AirDroid…. still not succeeded 😛

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