Adnan Sami who has transitioned from Fat to Fit, had really good songs and albums released during the year 1990-2005. He is a good music composer and has created some good songs for albums & movies like Lucky: No Time for Love, but mostly his album songs like, kabhi to nazar milao, tera chehra, bheegi bheegi raaton me, meri yaad rakhna etc. which are quite good in terms of musicality are still gems which can’t be forgotten. These songs had a really good classical touches and use of instruments that we rarely get to here now a days.

Looking at the talent that Adnan Sami has, the world should have more songs, more albums, more quality work like he used to do in early days. The music lovers will surely like to hear more compositions and songs. Today’s music needs to have sense of instruments to be used in a song, everything can’t be just trance music or just hard metal rock music for people to play at the club. People would like to listen to their favourite songs when they are alone, sitting with their radios etc. The generation has changed now, with all the technology advancements, but sadly no advancements in the music quality that is being produced in 2020 era.

1. Kabhi To Nazar Milao – Adnan Sami & Asha Bhosale

This song is musically rich. Full of instruments and small small music pieces to make this song beautiful. This album of Adnan Sami is the one of the best work in terms of music quality. The thing which I like about his songs are the use of very different instruments like trumpets, sitar, tabla, and then there are some unique beats and tunes that I get to hear in these songs.

Especially in this song, there is trumpet used very nicely. Traditionally trumpet was being used for some over-romantic songs, but in this song “Kabhi to nazar milao” it is highlighting some different color of trumpet. There is another instrument that is prominent in this song which is Tabla. Its a regular beats but it is being used everywhere in bits and pieces, making it a beautiful music. I wish we have more songs like this with such instruments selection.

There is also a chorus at the end, it sounds like the universe is singing and it conspires to get the people together.

2. Tera Chehra – Adnan Sami

Another musically rich song, Tera chehra jab nazar aye. This song has various instruments, violin, sarangi, piano, tabla, acoustic guitar, matka (clay pot) and other instruments.

The music pieces used in this songs are really good. The violin symphonies and sarod we hear in this are adding special color and classical touch to this song.

3. Bheegi Bheegi Raaton me – Adnan Sami

4. Meri Yaad Rakhna – Adnan Sami

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