The ultimate Monsoon playlist. The songs dedicated to only the rains, and cold weather. 
The songs which we heard in the school days and everybody likes them even today. 
These are the most melodious tracks ever made by a composer. The songs for a life time. 
This is a treat for Marathi songs listeners and treat for the poems and poetry lovers. 
This my friend, is the ultimate album to listen to not only in Monsoon, but also in any season that gives you chills. 
An album for forever, Saanj Gaarva by Milind Ingale. 

Ask a question to any 90s kid, who lived in Maharashtra and has a sacred and divine connection with music, and Marathi songs. 

All the songs have a poetry reciting by a renowned actor Sachin Khedekar. Good for the people who like the actual poems and poetry.

Kadhi Saanjveli – Saanj Gaarva

This particular song from Saanj Gaarva, I like the most. It’s a very meaningful poem, very meaningful tune, composition and the sound of instruments.

Sadly music directors and composers are not making songs like this. The music has changed to a fast paced beats and remakes or remixes of the old classic hits. But if we leave some exceptions no originality like this is seen in any music.

I like the songs which have multiple different tunes within the song itself based on the stanzas in it. The first stanza “Tujha door yethe uthu de shahara” is having regular high note stanza that we usually hear in the classic songs, and the second stanza “Rite sur ata ithe ya urashi” has a different tune composition, using slightly low notes for this one. And then again third stanza “Tujhya aathvanna ithe saahto mi” has the same tune as that of first one.

Nice version by Shamika Bhide

# Lyrics

In MarathiIn English
कधी सांजवेळी मला आठवुनी
तुझ्या भोवताली जराशी वळुनी, पाहशील का?
पाहशील का?

तुझा दूर येथे उठू दे शहारा
शरीरावरुनी जसा गार वारा, वाहशील का?
वाहशील का?

रिते सूर आता इथे या उराशी
जरा सोबतीला मनाच्या तळाशी राहशील का?
राहशील का?

तुझ्या आठवांना इथे साहतो मी
तुला साहतो मी तशी तू मलाही साहशील का?
साहशील का?
Kadhi sanjaveli mala aathavuni
tujhya bhovatali jarashi valuni pahashil ka?
pahashil ka?

Tujha dur yethe uthu de shahara
Shariravaruni jasa gar vara vahashil ka?
vahashil ka?

Rite sur aata ithye ya urashi
Jara sobatila manachya talashi rahashil ka?
rahashil ka?

Tujhya aathavana ithe sahato mi
Tula sahato mi tashi tu malahi sahashil ka?
sahashil ka?

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