There are number of great songs Lata Mangeshkar has sung.. picking up my favorite one today.

But before that, let’s backup a bit in early 40’s. It was the time when the movies started to have the sound in it. Imagine people, watching the movies without sound back then and the time, when they actually put the sound in movie.

Lata’s father, Pandit Deenanath Mangeshkar was a classical singer and theater actor. So music was in her family. She took her first classical singing lessons from him. She even worked as an actress in her father’s play.
Little Lata started her career with a Marathi song, it was from “Kiti Hasaal” Movie (1942). Have you heard that song? I bet not, because that song was removed and never released. Who knew that she will become a legend and idol for millions of singers in India! well, there was one music director Ghulam Haider, who believed in her and mentored her.

When Lata was introduced to the actor Dilip Kumar (Yusuf) as a good singer. He said that her Urdu pronunciation is incorrect (as in her Marathi accent comes out while singing Urdu songs). After his hurtful remark, Lata took the Urdu lessons from an Urdu teacher. Soon she sung a song, she got special praise from other Actresses for her Urdu pronunciations.

Back then, the directors used to put the actors and actresses names on their movie posters and in the singers list too, the real singers were not mentioned. So people didn’t know who the singer is.
One day, a song was played on All India Radio, some guy called up the All India Radio just to know the name of the singer. They had to reveal the name and it was “Lata Mangeshkar”.

This was Lata’s earlier life. After singing many songs, she sung a solo song “Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samjha” from Anpadh movie in the year of 1962.

Song: Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha
Movie: Anpadh (1962)
Music Director: Madan Mohan
Lyricist: Raja Mehdi Ali Khan

Apki Nazaron Ne Samjha

This song has a very good, quality music.. every single instrument played in this song, has just made it perfect. About singing, I think very few can sing this hard song with such an ease like Lata. If you look at the projections of this song, its almost steady wave with little very nice twist at end of each line.

Original song:

For such songs (Genre) it needs a sweet voice, as it has such innocent meaning and only sweet voice can do justice to it. Classical singers can sing it effortlessly, since it has lots of ups and downs. I think after Lata, second sweet voice could be of Shreya and Chitra. I would pretty much like to hear this song in Shreya’s and Chitra’s voice.

I found one recording on of Simi, she has sung it very nicely. It sounds so like Chitra! I have embedded her song below. If you want to know how it sounds in Chitra’s voice, then you may wanna listen to this.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

The middle lines “Ji hamen manjur hai aapka yeh faisla..” and “Pad gayi dil par meri aapki parchhaiya..” are worth listening. If you ever want a lovely song to listen to.. I can say this is that song.

No need to describe the meaning of the song.. the one who loves music, it will reach somehow.

Adding lyrics of this song below, share your thoughts as well through comments. 🙂

Aapki najro ne samjha pyar ke kabil mujhe
Dil ki ai dhadkan thehar ja, mil gayi manjil mujhe
Aapki najro ne samjha..

Ji hamen manjur hai aapka yeh faisla
Keh rahi hai har najar banda parvar shukriya
Do jahan ki aaj khushiya ho gayi hasil mujhe
Aapki najro ne samjha..

Aapki manjil hu mai, meri manjil aap hain
Kyo mai tufan se daru mere sahil aap hain
Koyi tufano se keh de, mil gaya sahil mujhe
Apki najro ne samjha..

Pad gayi dil par meri aapki parchhaiya
Har taraf bajane lagin saikado shahnaiya
Hanske apani jindgi me kar liya shamil mujhe
Apki najro ne samjha..

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  1. great job.. u’ve done a very in depth study.. it’s quiet evident that u love this song….
    i love this song too…..
    evergreen romantic song….. the kind of trust she has in her love is amazing…i wish everyone should get a chance to experience such strong and deep love…

    1. Thanks Simi for your kind words.. I wanted to hear this song in Chitra’s voice.. I can say that listening to your voice, is one and the same thing..

      I have embedded your recording in this post.. Thanks for allowing me to include your recording.. 🙂

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