Here are we again, bringing the top quality music of singer Arijit Singh.

#1 Jo bheji thi dua

This song is good lyrically as well as musically. The tune of this song is very nice and makes you sing along the song.

#2 Ve maahi – Kesari

This is a punjabi song with good lyrics and music again. The feeling of a soldier while leaving the family to fight against enemies of country. Arijit Singh is Punjabi so it comes naturally to him while singing Punjabi songs.

#3 Laal Ishq

This Laal Ishq song is a classical song with very nice music.

#3 Khairiyat – Chhichhore

This is a romantic song from the movie Chhichhore picturized on Sushant Singh Rajput who died mysteriously in the Corona times. Arijit Singh’s voice in this lights up the emotion of new love.

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