#1. Ishq ka hafiz – Tripling Season 2

  • Singer: Nilotpal Bora
  • Lyrics: Hussain Haidry
  • Original Composition: Nilotpal Bora
  • Music Producer: Nilotpal Bora
  • Co-Produced by Ishan Das
  • Acoustic/Nylon Guitar design : Ishan Das Rabab, Saaz, Mandolin & all Strokes
  • Design : Tapas Roy
  • Rhythm Design & Dholak : Raju Sardar
  • Tabla : Arun Mohete
  • Harmonium : Subhradeep Sahoo & Nilotpal Bora
  • Live Bass : Abhinov Bora
  • Chorus Voices : Keshab Baruah, Gauranga Shekhar Sharma, Sachin Mourya, Kishan Dulgach, Pranshu Protim Bora, Kingshuk Moran & Nilotpal Bora

From the Tripling Season 2, we have this very nice song, more like qawwali form of the music that holds great importance in the show, for the characters in the show. But the song is actually very good for a Bollywood movie too. A great quality song with the deep meaningful lyrics.

For singers this song is kind of roller coaster, this demands great practice and command over voice. This song is good to listen to, and the harder to sing.

If you like qawwali genre in general then it will be a good treat for you. Take a listen.

Lyrical video

Audio Song

Youtube Audio

#2. Patang – Nilotpal Bora

  • Singer: Nilotpal Bora
  • Composer: Nilotpal Bora
  • Tripling: Season 2 (Music from Tvf Original Series)

This is a slow number with a very soothing composition and singing by again Nilotpal Bora. Very different in nature than what Ishq Ka Hafiz sounds like. You can imagine the kite floating freely in the air while listening to the song, gives us the feel. Very nice use of strings and piano in this song. The singing also is very well done in this.

#3. Kesariyaan Balam

You’ve heard Kesariyaan balam the very famous classical folk song of Rajsthan. This is another version, kind of a fusion of slow rock and the original folk song the Kesariyaan Balam, used at a very strategical point in the TVF Tripling season. Take a look and listen.

Kesariyaan balam video song

Audio version

Here is the complete audio jukebox of season 1 and season 2.

Tripling Season 1 Audio Jukebox
Tripling Season 2 Audio Jukebox

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