Ranjish hi sahi – Mehdi Hasan

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  • Published on: 13 Apr 2014
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This is for the one who looks for a meaningful song. If you are a fan of ghazals and if you haven’t heard it you should probably not wait any second to hear it. This is very old one but the words and feel is good.

I used to play songs on our CD player, about 5 years back. There were some Ghazal CDs and Sonu Nigam’s albums in my drawer. One fine day I played this Ghazal CD. “MEHDI HASSAN – AT ROYAL ALBERT HALL LONDON VOL-1” this was the name on CD cover. Since it was having only recordings, its sound quality was not good like we get today. But the quality of music and singing was too good. Duration of the songs was like this: 15 minutes, 19 minutes. In today’s fast world nobody listens to these big songs and specially the ghazals. But I guess that is what makes classic songs different. I didn’t know anything about the Album or Singer, because I was only interested in the song. So after trying out listening to some songs I found this song called “Ranjish hi sahi”. I used to listen to this song only, out of all the songs in that CD. At first, I didn’t even know the meaning of Ranjish, I had to Google it.

Then after few years, I heard the song again on the Saregamapa show (ZTV) in the voice of a classical ghazal singer Jazim and then I started liking this song even more. He sung it very nicely on the show.

The Ghazal singer Mehdi Hasan has composed all his ghazals on the Classical Ragas. Some ghazals are having very sad mood, like “Go zara si baat par, barsoke yaarane gaye..”, “Ab ke hum bichade..”. That’s because they are based on very difficult classical ragas. The singers actually don’t sing those normally. Its even hard to listen to. So Mehdi Hasan had made it light (Which is still quite difficult, I guess only people who like classical singing will listen to it). You can hear how he used a difficult Raga in his “Go zara si baat par, barsoke yaarane gaye..” and made it light, so that other people can listen to it like normal audience.

This Ranjish hi sahi song is also based on a classical Raga “Yaman”. The song has 4 stanzas in it and in the live concerts Mehdi Hasan used to add 2 more to it.

I don’t have to tell you the meaning of the song, if you hear it you will come to know. :)

Here is the original song recording – Ranjish hi sahi:



Here is Sonu Nigam’s Version:

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