There are many genres in the music. Some genres give us energy such as Rock, Pop, Metal, Ballads, etc. but some gives us the peace and soothing experience.

Ghazal is one such genre which gives us peace. This is because Ghazal itself is made of a poem with deep meaning written by poets we call them legends as their writing inspires and depicts actual emotions. The emotions are important factor in the ghazals.

This ghazal “Baat karni mujhe mushkil” is sung by music maestro and the legend of ghazals Mehdi Hassan. When you hear this song, you will forget your problems, you will become happy, the emotion in this ghazal carries positive energy, which then translates into our emotions.

The Poet depicts the emotions of a heart feeling something different and unusual after you fell in love with someone. The time when you can’t describe what it is you are feeling. But you just ask questions to yourself what it is that feels different, why it is hard to tell in words what I am feeling,

The mood of this song is enlightening and uplifting for our mind and emotions. Whenever you feel down or sad or anything, you can just hear it and bring back the real person within you and connect with him, and forget about the world for a while and think about only good things.

Sharing some of the best renditions below, it will be bit of learning for someone who enjoys different genres and I am sure you will find a different side of

#1 Mehdi Hassan’s Version

#2 Jagjeet Singh’s Version

#3 Jazeem Sharma’s Version

#4 Gayatri’s Version

#5 Recital of Ghazal

# Lyrics

Baat karni mujhe mushkil kabhi aisi Tou na thi,
Jaisi ab hai teri mehfil kabhi aisi to na thee

Le gaya chhiin Ke aaj kaun tera sabr-o-qarar,
Beqarai tujhe ai dil kabhi aisi to na thi

Un kii aankhon ne khuda jaane kia kya jaadu,
Ke tabiyat meri maail Kabhi aisi to na thi

chashm-e-qaatil merii dushman thi hameshaa lekin,
jaise ab ho gai qaatil kabhii aisi to na thi

aks-e-rukh-e-yaar ne kis se hai tujh ko chamakayaa,
taab mein maah-e-kaamil kabhi aisi to na thi

Kya sabab hai tu jo bigata hai zafar se har baar,
Khuu teri huur-e-shamaail kabhi aisi to na thi

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