#Original Song

Manike Mage Hithe ( මැණිකේ මගේ හිතේ ) – Satheeshan ft. Dulan ARX Singer

  • Original Singer – Satheeshan
  • Lyrics – Dulan ARX
  • Composer – Chamath Sangeeth
  • Release Year – 2020

The original song is sung by a male singer Satheeshan in Sinhala (🇱🇰 Srilankan language) released in 2020 and written by Dulan ARX.

The song has very south Indian songs vibe, with the flutes and beats much like the South Indian Songs. The song has more like happy go lucky style. It is best suited for easy listening audience.

The video of this song has a plot twist but revealed too early in the song. But hey, it seems to be working anyway.. 🙇

#Cover Songs

Before I begin to tell you what, when and how, the first name the I should mention here is Yashraj Mukhate. He is the one who shared this song with most users on youtube and Instagram reels.

After the cover song gone viral is sung by Srilankan 🇱🇰 female singer Yohani De Silva, many people around the world have watched and commented on video that they don’t understand language but the song is incredible and very catchy. Even in India people are being creative and making cover of the this cover song extending it with Hindi rap singing and shows us how creative it can be. (Kitne tejaswi log hai 😄)

This srilankan singer’s song is very attractive and has a unique voice. Many people are getting attracted to this and its being addictive. Take a listen.

You can visit Yohani’s Instagram to know more about her.

There are some hindi covers also such as this and that looks catchy too.

The Bollywood star also tried to dance on this. Checkout the dance by Tiger Shroff here


Not only this, people also uploaded an hours long video to play this song on repeat


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