Killing me softly with her song
Killing me softly with her song

If you’ve watched Ashiqui 2 movie, it had a song called, “Sun raha hai na tu“. The scene where the singer hiding his identity, comes to a bar where this lady singer was singing his song “Sun raha hai na tu”. Mesmerised by her singing he instantly likes her, falls in love with her and her voice.

While this may sound as if it is the just movie scene. But the similar thing was experience by Lori Lieberman, a female singer who was listening to Don McLean in 1971, and inspired by his singing, she wrote a song of her own experience. That song was Killing me softly with his song..

I feel that the story told in this song is what shown in the song “Sun raha hai na tu”.

You are about the know the history of this and different versions that came out including male and female versions.

I personally like the male version that is sung by Frank Sinatra. But here are the different versions available for this song, starting with the original one..

Lori Lieberman – Killing me softly with his song (original 1972)

Lets start with each one, first and for-most, the original song by Lori Lieberman.

This song did not chart sadly. So she did not get much from this of her original song.

Roberta Flack

Later in 1973, this was covered by the American singer Roberta Flack, which became hit. It was topping the charts for several weeks.

This is the same situation where the original singer doesn’t get much views but the cover of that song gets huge number of views. Kind of sad though. The same thing happened with Manike Mage Hithe, the Srilankan cover song.

In 1996, American hip hop band recorded song with Lauryn Hill, which became hit in 20 countries.

Frank Sinatra, Perry Como

This one is my favorite. Very smooth and cool music. Very good for the ears.

Frank Sinatra is an American singer and actor, he was successful and giving hits and most popular during 1940, 1950, and 1960.

The guitar in this is very soft and played with finger style.

This is another notable version of this song, released in 1973 as a pop version.

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