So many good memories I have of this song. I remember I was in the 9th standard when this Saathiya Movie was released. It was a really nice time. I guess everybody likes the school time and these songs remind a small child in us, the best time we had. You can’t get the time back in your life but you can be happy remembering moments. In my case, this song does it for me.

Have you heard South Indian songs? If you have, then you will notice that this song actually has a touch of South Indian singing style. AR Rehman has produced this awesome tune with sprinkles of the South Music. This song is kind of different than other songs which AR Rehman has composed. Normally a song has middle stanzas with the same tune, this song has 2 different tunes in each stanza and both are so good. First one is “Peeli Dhup Pahnke Tum..” and the second one “Kabhi neele aasman pe..” (which is the best part of this song.. I love this song for this second stanza.) is completely different from the first one. Great use of Guitar, the variations of plugs produced from Guitar is very rare.  

Saathiya by Sonu Nigam Original song:

Song: Saathiya
Album: Saathiya (2002)
Singer: Sonu Nigam
Lyricist: Gulzar
Music: A.R.Rahman

This song is picturised on Vivek Oberoy and Rani Mukharji. And Sonu Nigam won 2002, Filmfare Best Male Playback Singer Award, for this song “Saathiya”.

I feel quite bad for having only few songs of Sonu Nigam composed by AR Rehman. I wish there could be more songs. Another song I remember of Sonu in AR Rehman’s composition is “Satarangi”. I once heard Sonu Nigam in one interview (may be on air) saying that this Satarangi song was quite difficult for him to sing. Specifically the last lines where the song ends, it has some odd bits.

However I know one song of Sonu Nigam which I think is very difficult song. I should rather not talk about it now (Keeping suspense :P). I will be writing about it soon.

Enjoy this song and share your thoughts on this song.. through your comments. 🙂

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  1. Sathiya is a remake of the Tamil film, “Alaipayuthey”. And all the songs were also dubbed back in Hindi, that’s y u might have felt the south Indian touch in the song.

    1. Yes, I know its a remake of Tamil movie. AR Rehman used those songs again in Hindi. But all songs are nice.. (y)
      I like the South Indian touch he has given in the songs.. Great job!

  2. one of my favourite song sung by the gr8 singer sonu nigam…
    if you don’t mind i would like to suggest one..

      1. “Deewana Main Hoon Deewana Tera”
        I don’t remember album name .. it’s been so long I have heard this track.. please upload it.. 🙂

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