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The era of Radios and Cassettes and CD players, we were mostly having all physical collections of songs and playlists stored in CDs, Cassettes. And then there were some songs that are top songs of 90s pop albums that we liked but didn’t know the name or album name, those used to play on radios and we only could listen to it if it got played on radios. 📻 So here we are compiling list of Top songs of Sonu Nigam 90s pop album Deewana which is 90s music, 90s kids know about these songs.

When I used to come from college and I put on Radio 101 station (Vividh Bharti), oddly enough it would play my favourite song, this happened many times with me. A pleasant surprize 🙂
In todays time this must be sounding like that’s nothing or whatever! But only 90s kid knows what I am talking about.

Never the less, in 90s there were a time when we didn’t have internet in our pockets, we had very less access to internet that we only used it for Gaming or Form submissions or to check our Exam Results. 😄

Here’s the list of songs that we have lived with in 90s and hardly listen to them in today’s times.

Album: Deewana
Singer: Sonu Nigam
Music Director: Sajid – Wajid
Lyricist: Faiz Anwar

1. Is kadar pyaar hai – Sonu Nigam

The highlight of this song is the Sonu Nigam’s singing, the lovely melodious music composition and the last but not the least, the video of this song. This song starts with a very loving story of a boy and a girl meeting in a bus who used to be friends in their childhood days. As soon as this girl enters the bus Milind Sonam (the boy) recognizes her and tells her that she’s his childhood friend by showing her the photographs.

The video of this song shows how the boy and girl used to fight over the little things but that was cute. This also shows their mutual love towards each other. Looks like the boy never met the girl after school, but keeps missing her and thinks about her.

Anyway, to cut the long story short, girl meets many years later with the boy and she also likes him and the boy expresses his feelings with her at the end of the song and girl also likes it and there, Happy Ending! its just like what we all want. 🙂

What do you think about this song? You can tell us in the comments below.

2. Deewana Tera – Sonu Nigam

This is another song that people like from Sonu Nigam’s album Deewana. To be very frank, the video of this song is not that appealing as there were some new faces in the video and nobody really knows them even now. However, the boats, the beaches, the sand, made it look a lot cooler when we saw it back then.

I would like highlight the musical part of this song as it gives me immense pleasure even writing about this. The guitar in this song has been played so beautifully that if this starts with the guitar, we’ll know which song is gonna be played. I wonder why the music director (Sajid-Wajid) or composer of this song never got the recognition for this masterpiece. This album was successful and the cassettes and cds were selling because of the name Sonu Nigam but we never really paid attention to the music directors back then, nothing wrong in it, I guess the trend of overall music directors getting famous was not started in 90s, it started after 2005 or later.

Often I feel like every song releases or outputs some kind of emotion. The emotional part comes in the middle of the song which Sonu Nigam has sung so beautifully and that’s my favourite part of the song. I think many people with agree with me on this.

What do you think about this song? You can tell us in the comments below.

3. Ab mujhe raat din – Sonu Nigam

This is another song from Deewana album that is still melodious and I would listen to it on repeat. What a lovely composition! The splendid guitar, the traditional instruments in between like tabla, violin, along with the continuous grooving. 🎹🎻🎼

The animations in the video song is not that good as it was shot in 90s. Keeping that aside, the song is complete package: romantic, the slow beats to dance to, pleasant guitar, a nice melody to sing, and great music to cherish.

The song starts with romantic piano piece, then the beats drop, just the way I like it. The violin and tune is just amazing.

What do you think about this song? You can tell us in the comments below.

4. Kuch tum socho – Sonu Nigam

All the piano pieces we hear in this song are good, romantic, easy listening pieces. This song gives out positive vibes, the happiness. In the world where we see a lot of negativity around us, this song is about living life on our own terms, live it peacefully. 🕊

When we give it a thought, the happiness and the sadness is actually reactions to out side happenings, it is upon us how we react. If you react like it is okay, and that it shall too pass, then you will get happiness. Listen to this,

Kuch tum socho, Kuch hum sochein
Fir khushi ka mausum aye,
Tanha Tanha kaun jiya hai, rehke tanha dil ghabrayein
Ajao milke rishta ye jode, sharte badalde, rasmonko tode
Isse pahle ke ye duniya humein aajmaye.. 👏🏻

This lyrics makes this song perfect. The songs with good lyrics is important to stay attached to the song. This makes it ever green. When you feel low or down someday, take a listen to this song, I bet it will cheer you up and get you going just by listening to this. There are some more things you can do but this is the thing that is very easy to do and to get the results immediately. A good music can change your mood, and your thoughts that are running through your head. This song will make you feel positive and happy. 😊

What do you think about this song? You can tell us in the comments below.

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