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Ranjish hi sahi ghazal – Mehdi Hasan

This is for the one who looks for a meaningful song. If you are a fan of ghazals and if you haven’t heard it you should probably not wait any second to hear it. This is very old one but the words and feel is good. I used to play songs on our CD player, […]

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Saathiya by Sonu Nigam

So many good memories I have of this song. I remember I was in the 9th standard when this Saathiya Movie was released. It was a really nice time. I guess everybody likes the school time and these songs remind a small child in us, the best time we had. You can’t get the time […]

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The evergreen song of Lata Mangeshkar

There are number of great songs Lata Mangeshkar has sung.. picking up my favorite one today. But before that, let’s backup a bit in early 40’s. It was the time when the movies started to have the sound in it. Imagine people, watching the movies without sound back then and the time, when they actually […]